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2017 Centennial Public Square Rosary Rallies

“We held a Fatima candlelight vigil and rosary the night before the Rally and then the Rally the next day. I have to thank you very much. It has really opened people’s eyes. We had many people come – at least 59 altogether for candlelight rosary vigil, and 80 expected for the actual Rally the next day for the noon Rosary. It was excellent; saw and prayed with many people! So may God bless you and Our Blessed Virgin of Fatima keep you safe.” —
D. T., Abiquiu, N.Mex

“In 2016, I had 30 people join me to pray the rosary in public. This year, I had 33 join us in the Rosary and rally program. I am planning on having the rosary rally in 2018, hoping to have a few more each year. The more I can get to join in with the rally, the better it will be. Because we need lots of prayers in this troubled world. Our Lady is saddened by so much in the world today. Many thanks to America Needs Fatima for my banner so I could have the Rosary Rally; thanks for the Centennial Rosary which I prayed on for this year’s rally, for the beautiful Centennial medal which I wore, and so many other things which I forgot to thank you for. Thanks for all you do to try and make this world a better and safer place to live.” —
F. W., Meta, Mo.

“Thank you for giving my family and me the opportunity to do the Public Rosary Rally. At noon on Saturday, October 14, 2017, my children and I put up your banner outside our garage in view of the street. We prayed the rosary together. We have been doing this for the last few years. We gather about twenty of us, young and old. The children from out of state get on the speaker phone on their smart phones and say it with us that way. It is really beautiful and important to us to pray together, especially now.” —
C. C., Madison, Wis.


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America Needs Fatima Apostolate

“You awakened me. And restored me into the Faith and faith in Mother Mary’s intercession. Thank you. You really made a difference.” —
S. P., Charlottesville, Va.

“Please use my donation to help the Oct. 14th Rosary Rallies. This is what America needs most today. I pray and hope that people will be moved to pray and honor Our Lady and the Holy Trinity. I pray for family healings across the country, and blessings on those who follow Mary’s pleas to recite the rosary every day. God bless your important ministry!” —
M. A., North Reading, Penn.

“I am getting so many blessings and happiness since I started praying the rosary and I want to be a role model for my kids, so one day they will watch and learn and start praying the rosary.” —
S. M., Monsey, N.Y.

“I am keeping the beautifully written article on the Miracle of the Sun. It’s so amazing! God bless each of you for what you do to spread devotion to Our dear Lady. She’s my best friend!” —
J. M., Akron, Ohio


Fatima Centennial Rosary

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, it is so beautiful! I was so surprised! I was supposed to be in Fatima and Lourdes this week, but the travel agent messed up so I had to cancel. That is why I am so happy about the Centennial Fatima rosary arriving the same week I was supposed to be in Fatima! I feel it came directly from Mary herself!” —
F. L., Huntington Beach, Calif.

I am writing to let you know that I received my rosary a month ago. I love it and try to say it every day. I have put your rosary around my Blessed Virgin statue.” —
N. C., Hamden, Conn.

“Thank you for the beautiful Rosary beads. I’ve just returned to the Church after a LONG ABSENCE, and these beads will help in my journey.” — V. N., Alpharetta, Ga.






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Quote of the day

DAILY QUOTE for April 23, 2019

The prayer of the sick person is his patience and his accept...

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April 23


The prayer of the sick person is
his patience and his acceptance of his sickness
for the love of Jesus Christ.
Make sickness itself a prayer, for there is none
more powerful, save martyrdom!

St. Francis de Sales

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Saint of the day


St. George

George loudly proclaimed himself a follower of Christ before...

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St. George

Though the story of St. George is intertwined with legend, especially the account of him slaying a dragon, the historicity of his life is certain.
He was of Greek origin, seemingly of a noble, Christian family. His father was Gerondios, from Capaddocia, a prominent officer in the Imperial army. His mother was Polychronia, from the city of Lyda, now in Israel.

As a youth, he lost first his father and then his mother, after which he enlisted in the Roman army under Emperor Diocletian. The latter favored him in honor of his father’s service, and George was made an Imperial Tribune.

By imperial edict, Roman soldiers were forbidden to practice Christianity. Notwithstanding this prohibition, George loudly proclaimed himself a follower of Christ before the Emperor Diocletian and his fellow soldiers. Upset at the news, the Emperor offered George an abundance of earthly goods in exchange for his Christian Faith, but George was unmoved. He endured various tortures and was finally beheaded. The Empress Alexandra was converted by his courageous example, and some interpret that while the dragon often depicted being slain by St. George is the pagan Roman might, the lady in the background is the Empress.

Devotion to St. George spread throughout Asia Minor, and already early in the fourth century churches were being dedicated to his honor.

Throughout the history of Christian battles there have been reports of St. George’s heavenly assistance, Richard I of England and other Crusaders also confirming such intercession. It is not known how St. George was chosen as patron of England, though it is certain that his fame had reached the isle long before the Norman Conquest.

Weekly Story


In the dead silence that ensued, all present heard a voice c...

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The Miraculous Christ de la Vega

There was once in the city of Toledo, Spain a soldier, Diego Martinez, and a young woman, Ines de Vargas, who were in love.

Diego was called to fight in Flanders, so, at Ines’ insistence, before a crucifix known as The Christ de la Vega, Diego solemnly swore to marry her on his return.

With Diego gone, Ines felt lost and alone, and often sought solace at the foot of the Christ who had witnessed their solemn engagement.

Years went by, Ines always on the lookout. One day, at the head of a returning cavalry, she beheld her fiancé. She screamed and rushed to meet him, but he feigned not to know her, and passed on.

Successful in war and prowess, he had not only been promoted to captain, but had been knighted by the King, and no longer considered Ines a worthy prospect.

Tears being of no avail, the spurned young woman took her case before the governor of Toledo, Don Pedro Ruiz de Alarcon, claiming that Diego Martinez had sworn to marry her. But the captain denied such a vow, and with no witnesses, the case was about to be dismissed when Ines cried:

“Indeed, there was a witness–the Christ the la Vega!”

There was a stunned silence. But, this was Catholic Spain, and finally, judge, Diego, Ines, court and the curious repaired to the Basilica of St. Leocadia* , which housed the carved Christ.

Kneeling between Diego and Ines before the life-sized crucifix, Don Pedro held up a Bible and asked if He, Jesus Christ, Sovereign Lord, would indeed swear to the couple’s solemn vow to wed each other.

In the dead silence that ensued, all present heard a voice coming from the statue,


At the same time, to the astonishment of all, the statue’s right arm, descended, its hand coming to rest on the Bible which the judge held up.

So struck were Diego and Ines, that giving up all earthly plans, they entered religious life.

As to the Christ de la Vega, to this day, His right arm remains in the same position, and, some affirm, His mouth slightly open in the utterance of His witness.

By A.F. Phillips

*Now the Ermita del Cristo de la Vega

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In the dead silence that ensued, all present heard a voice coming from the statue,