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2017 Centennial Public Square Rosary Rallies

“We held a Fatima candlelight vigil and rosary the night before the Rally and then the Rally the next day. I have to thank you very much. It has really opened people’s eyes. We had many people come – at least 59 altogether for candlelight rosary vigil, and 80 expected for the actual Rally the next day for the noon Rosary. It was excellent; saw and prayed with many people! So may God bless you and Our Blessed Virgin of Fatima keep you safe.” —
D. T., Abiquiu, N.Mex

“In 2016, I had 30 people join me to pray the rosary in public. This year, I had 33 join us in the Rosary and rally program. I am planning on having the rosary rally in 2018, hoping to have a few more each year. The more I can get to join in with the rally, the better it will be. Because we need lots of prayers in this troubled world. Our Lady is saddened by so much in the world today. Many thanks to America Needs Fatima for my banner so I could have the Rosary Rally; thanks for the Centennial Rosary which I prayed on for this year’s rally, for the beautiful Centennial medal which I wore, and so many other things which I forgot to thank you for. Thanks for all you do to try and make this world a better and safer place to live.” —
F. W., Meta, Mo.

“Thank you for giving my family and me the opportunity to do the Public Rosary Rally. At noon on Saturday, October 14, 2017, my children and I put up your banner outside our garage in view of the street. We prayed the rosary together. We have been doing this for the last few years. We gather about twenty of us, young and old. The children from out of state get on the speaker phone on their smart phones and say it with us that way. It is really beautiful and important to us to pray together, especially now.” —
C. C., Madison, Wis.


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America Needs Fatima Apostolate

“You awakened me. And restored me into the Faith and faith in Mother Mary’s intercession. Thank you. You really made a difference.” —
S. P., Charlottesville, Va.

“Please use my donation to help the Oct. 14th Rosary Rallies. This is what America needs most today. I pray and hope that people will be moved to pray and honor Our Lady and the Holy Trinity. I pray for family healings across the country, and blessings on those who follow Mary’s pleas to recite the rosary every day. God bless your important ministry!” —
M. A., North Reading, Penn.

“I am getting so many blessings and happiness since I started praying the rosary and I want to be a role model for my kids, so one day they will watch and learn and start praying the rosary.” —
S. M., Monsey, N.Y.

“I am keeping the beautifully written article on the Miracle of the Sun. It’s so amazing! God bless each of you for what you do to spread devotion to Our dear Lady. She’s my best friend!” —
J. M., Akron, Ohio


Fatima Centennial Rosary

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, it is so beautiful! I was so surprised! I was supposed to be in Fatima and Lourdes this week, but the travel agent messed up so I had to cancel. That is why I am so happy about the Centennial Fatima rosary arriving the same week I was supposed to be in Fatima! I feel it came directly from Mary herself!” —
F. L., Huntington Beach, Calif.

I am writing to let you know that I received my rosary a month ago. I love it and try to say it every day. I have put your rosary around my Blessed Virgin statue.” —
N. C., Hamden, Conn.

“Thank you for the beautiful Rosary beads. I’ve just returned to the Church after a LONG ABSENCE, and these beads will help in my journey.” — V. N., Alpharetta, Ga.






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Quote of the day

DAILY QUOTE for June 20, 2019

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this...

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June 20


is to believe what you do not see;
the reward of this faith
is to see what you believe.

St. Augustine of Hippo


Saint of the day


St. Silverius

Silverius was son of Pope Hormisdas, who had been married be...

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St. Silverius

Born in Italy, Silverius was son of Pope Hormisdas, who had been married before becoming one of the higher clergy. He was only a subdeacon, when, upon the death of Pope St. Agapetus in 536, the Ostrogoth King Theodehad of Italy forced him on the Catholic Church. Soon afterwards, Silverius was formally accepted as pope by the Roman clergy.

Silverius soon incurred the wrath of the Empress Theodora. He refused to accept and recognize the heretical Eutychian patriarchs – Anthimus of Constantinople, Severus of Antioch, and Theodosius of Alexandria – who had all been excommunicated and deposed from their episcopal sees by the previous pope. Silverius is said to have remarked that by his signing the letter of refusal to Theodora's imperial request, he was also signing his own death warrant. And so it proved to be.

Theodora had Silverius kidnapped and imprisoned on the island of Ponza, and the empress nominated her supporter, Archdeacon Vigilius, for the papal throne. Vigilius was named pope, but upon taking the position, he ceased to support the Empress’ heresy and became a strong defender of orthodoxy.

In 537, after a reign of just a year, Silverius died of neglect during his imprisonment. He is now recognized as the patron saint of the island of Ponza, where he died.

Weekly Story


I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother hang up the phon...

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Miraculous Recovery

I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother hang up the phone, a worried look on her face.

“What is it, Mom?”

“It was your sister. She said one of the ambulance drivers for the medical office she works for is in a deep coma because of a gas leak in his trailer last night.”

“Wow… Will he recover soon?” I asked hopefully.

But as the weeks wore on, the young man failed to give any sign of life, and the doctors began to lose hope. The next time my mother asked after him, the decision had been made to disconnect life support.

Hearing of this decision, I felt a sudden rush of confidence: I remembered America Needs Fatima was launching a national drive to promote the Medal of Our Lady of Graces, a special devotional given to St. Catherine Labouré in an apparition of the Blessed Virgin in 1830. Coined to the exact specifications of Our Lady, so many blessings, graces and miracles have been granted to those who wear it, that it has consequently become known as the “Miraculous Medal.” 

“We need to get a Miraculous Medal to him!”  I told my mother. She enthusiastically agreed. My sister thought it a good idea, and asked a colleague of the sick man to deliver a medal to the hospital to be placed under his pillow (regulations forbade any metal on patients).

As we prayed, and shortly after the devotional was placed under his head, something incredible happened: the comatose began mumbling! The decision to disconnect life support was put on hold.

A few weeks later, the young man was released from the hospital and soon returned to work. He warmly thanked my sister for sending him the devotional and confided in her that he believed the Miraculous Medal saved his life.

By Andrea F. Phillips


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I walked into the kitchen and saw my mother hang up the phone, a worried look on her face. 

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