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December 10, 2020 | Joseph Ferrara


As one of the privileged souls chosen to be a custodian of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima for America Needs Fatima, I have experienced many amazing things. As I travel visiting homes across or country, I have seen grace working wonders inside souls. Many may say the Grace of God no longer operates in the modern world but I could not disagree more.

One such case among many truly exemplified this reality for me.


The Home Visit

It was during a visit to a modest, unassuming home with the hostess and mother of five adult children, all present with rosaries in hand.

I could not help but notice that some children had tattoos and body piercings, which I normally do not find among everyday devotees of the Rosary. Notwithstanding, I sensed an atmosphere that expressed profound piety.

The visit proceeded with the reciting of the Holy Rosary, a video presentation on the Fatima message and the filling out of intentions envelopes that are taken to Fatima, Portugal. It ended quite naturally with the family expressing heartfelt gratitude for Our Lady’s visit.

As I gathered up my materials, I chatted with the hostess, who confided to me how her deceased husband had spent his last days. He was a sports enthusiast and trained his boys in boxing. His Sundays consisted of going to Mass and spending the rest of the day with sports.

On Holy Days of Obligation, his wife would remind him about going to Mass. However, he would usually cut her off and say, “Look here, I go to Mass on Sunday, and that’s it!” She prayed many Rosaries for his conversion.


Providence at work

One day, her mother accepted the invitation to receive our Fatima Pilgrim Statue in her home. Our hostess recounting this story planned to attend. As Providence would have it, the hostess and her husband had a previous engagement on the same date to attend a meeting at their local school.

She and her husband decided to split up. She would go to the school meeting, and her husband would oblige his mother-in-law by putting in a polite appearance at the Fatima event “as long as she doesn’t harangue me about praying the rosary.”

Thus, her husband went to the event when something very unusual happened. Unlike himself, he was quiet and observed the proceedings and devotions most attentively.

His mother-in-law was so surprised by his unusual, mute behavior that she called her daughter to ask if her husband was alright. She said she had never seen him like that and wondered if he was ill and possibly “suffering from a heart attack.”

At the conclusion of the evening, the husband spent some time kneeling in quiet prayer in front of the Pilgrim Statue and then departed. Upon his arrival home, his wife was equally concerned when he remained for some time in his truck in the driveway without coming immediately inside, as was his custom.

Our hostess was expecting the worst from this turn of events. She thought he must be fuming and that she was going to get an earful. Much to her surprise, he entered the house and declared with deep emotion, “I just met the most beautiful woman in my life!”


A changed man

From that day forward, he was a changed man. He gave up his obsession with sports and would often steal away to visit Our Lady at a shrine or a nearby church. His conversion was so profound that he started bringing a pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima to homes. The hostess pointed to the statue her husband had used for the visits. It was a traditional one molded in plaster.

Years after this transformative visit with Our Lady, he announced to his family that he was going to die on a First Saturday—a day so special to Our Lady of Fatima. That is exactly what happened, as his family was gathered around his bedside praying the rosary.

Yes, the graces of God and the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy Ghost, are still very much at work in our world and bearing unexpected fruit.



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July 26


To one who has faith,
no explanation is necessary.

To one without faith,
no explanation is possible.

St. Thomas Aquinas

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Saint of the day


Sts. Joachim and Anne

After years of childlessness and much prayer, an angel appea...

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Sts. Joachim and Anne

According to tradition, Our Lady’s parents were Joachim and Anne to whom, after years of childlessness, and much prayer, an angel appeared and announced they would bear a child. Much like Hannah who dedicated her son Samuel to the service of God (1 Kings), Anne also dedicated Mary to God as a child.   Hence, we find the abundant iconography representing the child Mary being presented in the Temple.

Eastern tradition of devotion to the parents of Mary goes back to the sixth century. Relics of St. Anne were brought from the Holy Land to Constantinople in 710. In the twelfth century, this devotion reached the West, with Crusaders bringing back relics of St. Anne to Western Europe.

Two popular shrines to Saint Anne are that of Ste. Anne D’Auray in Britanny in western France, and that of St. Anne de Beaupre near Quebec, where countless mementos hang in thanksgiving for favors and healings granted.

Weekly Story


In the Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort relates t...

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The Rosary and the Possessed Girl

In his book, The Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort relates that a Dominican, Father Jean Amat, was once giving a Lenten Mission in the Kingdom of Aragon, Spain, when a young girl, possessed by the devil was brought to him.

Father Amat began the exorcism. After several unsuccessful attempts, the priest had an idea; taking his Rosary, he looped it around the girl’s neck. 

No sooner had he done this, the girl began to squirm and scream and the devil, shouting through her mouth shrieked, “Take if off, take off; these beads are tormenting me!”

At last, moved to pity for the girl, the priest lifted the Rosary beads off her neck.

The next night, while the good Dominican lay in bed, the same devils who possessed the young girl entered his room. Foaming with rage, they tried to seize him, but he had his Rosary clasped in his hand and no efforts from the infernal spirits could wrench the blessed beads from him.

Then, going on the offensive and using the Rosary as a physical weapon, Fr. Amat scourged the demons crying out, “Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, help me, come to my aid!” at which the demons took flight.

The next day on his way to church, the priest met the poor girl, still possessed. One of the devils within her taunted him, “Well, brother, if you had been without your Rosary, we should have made short work of you…”

With renewed trust and vigor, the priest unlaced his Rosary from his belt, and flinging it around the girl’s neck commanded, “By the sacred names of Jesus and Mary His Holy Mother, and by the power of the holy Rosary, I command you, evil spirits, leave the body of this girl at once.”

The demons were immediately forced to obey him, and the young girl was freed.

“These stories,” concludes St. Louis de Montfort, “show the power of the holy Rosary in overcoming all sorts of temptations from the evil spirits and all sorts of sins because these blessed beads of the Rosary put devils to rout.”

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In the Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort relates that a Dominican, Father Jean Amat, was once giving a Lenten Mission in the Kingdom of Aragon, Spain, when a young girl, possessed by the devil was brought to him.

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