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TV Programs Like “Scandal”  Promote Mortal Sin 

A Christmas episode of one of the most popular shows on television [“Scandal”], used the Christmas carol Silent Night as
background music to an abortion.

The camera shows an abortionist reaching for his instruments as a woman, Olivia, lies on the table, as a Gospel choir sings
“Silent Night.”

As the abortion takes place, her father, speaking to an off-screen character, says in a voiceover:

Family is a burden…a pressure point, soft tissue, an illness, and antidote to greatness. You think you’re better off with people
who rely on you, depend on you, but you’re wrong, because you will inevitably end up needing them, which makes you
weak, pliable. Family doesn’t complete you. It destroys you.

The choir sings “Hallelujah!” as Olivia exhales and stares serenely at the ceiling.

The show ended playing “Ave Maria”, with Olivia enjoying a large glass of red wine while contentedly gazing at her
Christmas tree…the same night just after her abortion.

ANF Sent a Protest message to Mr Ben Sherwood, President of Disney/ABC.  We had a total of 26,831 signatures for this protest!

Thank you to all those who participated! 


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