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Jesus Had NO Wife, And I Reject This Blasphemous “Comic” - PROTEST NOW >>>


America’s 2nd largest publisher, HarperCollins, is selling an impure and blasphemous book titled: “The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus...” (it’s also being sold on Amazon)

This book is a blasphemous “comic” book of drawings:

  1. It blasphemes Our Lord’s perfect purity by promoting the heresy of a “Mrs. Jesus”, and…
  2. Page after page it has her belittling His being on His useless cross all the time and embarrassing her socially.

Just look at how they advertise the book on their web page:

  • With the cheeky irreverence of Lamb and Go the F**k to Sleep, from an executive producer of ABC’s Modern Family.
  • Welcome toThe Adventures of Mrs. Jesus: Everyone has a cross to bear. Hers has her husband on it.
  • To millions, Jesus is a teacher and an inspiring leader. Now, this long-suffering wife is about to get her turn in the spotlight . . .


Jesus Had NO Wife, And I Reject This Blasphemous “Comic” - PROTEST NOW >>>

Your petition message to:

Mr. Michael Morrison
President and Publisher
U.S. General Books and Canada
HarperCollins Publishers

Dear Sir:
    With my whole heart I protest against your release of the blasphemous book The Adventures of Mrs. Jesus, by Dan O’Shannon. 

    This book insults Our Lord Jesus Christ and is historically false. It also mocks His Redemptive Sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary. 
    Both deserve better than the blasphemous, offensive treatment you have published in Mr. O’Shannon’s book. 
    I urge you to recall this book from distribution now and to apologize to Catholics and all people of good will. 
    Thank you.

Goal: 100,000