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For years now America Needs Fatima delivers to Fatima, Portugal, a red rose for every person who commits to lead a Public Rosary Rally every October, and a white rose for every person who donates toward the nation-wide effort. 


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Every year these rallies are scheduled on or close to October 13, the feast of the last apparition of Fatima and the miracle of the sun. This year, there were 11,247 groups simultaneously praying for our country and the world all across America–2,000 more than in 2012!

Therefore, the roses delivered to the Fatima Shrine for October 13 grow in number each year.

When a gentleman gives his sweetheart a dozen roses, don’t her eyes light up? If he wishes to make a deeper impression and doubles that number, can’t he expect a tear?  Imagine 1,250 times twelve and that is the number delivered this year to Our Lady at Fatima–15,000 roses!

Perfect woman and princess that Mary is, can’t we expect a smile on her lips, and a tear in her eye? Better still, can’t we hope that the sight of that ocean of blooms, wiped a few of the many tears our sweet queen weeps for our sinful world?

Felipe Barandiaran, our European correspondent, generously undertakes the daunting task of securing and delivering the roses to the Fatima Shrine. Maureen Coon and Katie Slobodnik also travelled to Fatima from the U.S. bringing with them three banners inscribed with the number of Rosary Rallies (at the time the banners were printed 11,200 rallies had been confirmed, by October 12, the actual day of the rallies, the number had risen to 11, 247, therefore, the resulting discrepancy between the banner and the final number). On these three banners were also inscribed the names of all the Rosary Rally captains and donors. 

Maureen and Katie were also the bearers of thousands of petitions of ANF members and friends, as well as several candles made from thousands of tiny red candles sent in to be melted into great ones and lit at Fatima. 

“As we entered the esplanade of Cova da Iria, on October 12, the day was cloudy, just like that day on October 13, 1917 when 70,000 awaited the miracle of the sun,”  reports Felipe Barandiaran. As pilgrims gathered around attracted by the amazing number and beauty of the flowers, they were even more amazed to learn what each of those roses represented.

“They could not believe,” writes Mr. Barandiaran, “that each of those roses stood for a group, which, on October 12, at 12:00 noon would be saying the Rosary in the streets of America! They were also impressed by the number of white roses symbolizing each person who donated to make this effort possible!"

On the eve of October 13, thousands upon thousands of people converge on Fatima.  As the esplanade fills with pilgrims, and as night descends, each person lights his and her candle, and the Rosary begins after which the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, on a bier, atop a cloud of white flowers, is processed to the sound of sacred hymns. The white effigy of the Immaculate above a sea of small lights is one of the most moving sights on earth. 

Thanks to ANF and its members and friends, on that day, the Fatima Shrine was adorned with 15,000 extra roses from America for the joy and edification of those thousands of pilgrims.  “Bravo, to the American People!” say Don Felipe, “May Our Lady protect you always!” 







DAILY QUOTE for February 17, 2019

Trials and tribulations offer us a chance to make reparation...

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February 17


Trials and tribulations offer us a chance
to make reparation for our past faults and sins.
On such occasions the Lord comes to us
like a physician to heal the wounds left by our sins.
Tribulation is the divine medicine.

St. Augustine of Hippo

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Seven Holy Founders of the Servites

Two of the seven were married and two others were widowers....

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Seven Holy Founders of the Servites

Between 1225 and 1227, seven men from prominent families of Florence, Italy, left their lives of luxury and devoted themselves to prayer. 
After some time, as they prayed on the feast of the Assumption, the Virgin Mary appeared to them, urging them to devote themselves to her service. Upon making arrangements for their families (two of the seven were married, and two others were widowers), the men withdrew to Monte Senario and established a simple and austere community there.

In 1240, Our Lady again appeared to the seven penitents. This time she asked them to wear a black habit and follow the Rule of St. Augustine and take the name “The Servants of Mary,” or “Servites.”

The seven men were ordained priests, and the order grew and expanded. The Order was not fully recognized by the Pope until 1304, over sixty years after its establishment.


Cause of Our Joy

We are well aware Our Lady is constantly working and spreadi...

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Cause of Our Joy

We are well aware Our Lady is constantly working and spreading her graces as we travel to homes with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. On a recent visit in south Texas, we were surprised to see Our Lady’s visit to one household as the culmination of a beautiful story of grace, nine months in the making.  

Our hosts had gathered friends and neighbors from their small town on a sunny afternoon to welcome the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. As the program progressed, the lady of the house asked to tell a story about a certain grace she had received.

Two years ago, her daughter had suffered a miscarriage in her first pregnancy, which had a devastating effect on the family. This past year, the same daughter again became pregnant.  However, rather than being a cause for rejoicing, the family was apprehensive due to what had happened previously. Our hostess then explained how she and her husband vowed to take a dozen roses at the beginning of each month of the pregnancy to Our Lady’s shrine at the local parish, asking the Queen of Heaven for a safe delivery.

The florist of the town, upon hearing the story, took great care to make an extra-beautiful bouquet in honor of our Blessed Mother.

For nine months, the couple was faithful in bringing the flowers and asking Our Lady’s powerful help. To their great surprise, the final time coincided with our visit with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Our hostess began to cry tears of joy in telling the story, so honored was she to have such a clear sign of the intercession of the Mother of God. She then told that the doctors all gave reports of a healthy pregnancy, and the child was due any day now. The last bouquet of roses, lovingly arranged by the town’s florist, was placed at the feet of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in thanksgiving for a healthy pregnancy and their soon to be newborn grandchild.

We later learned that a healthy boy was born two days after the visit. Not only did Our Lady grant new life to a family who was so eager to welcome it, but she also restored the hope and strengthened the faith of this family and all who were gathered to share their joy. This easily brought to mind one of the beautiful titles of Our Lady from the Litany of Loreto: Causa nostrae letitiae, Cause of Our Joy. May Our Lady bring to the fullness of joy all who invoke her with confidence.

By Ben Broussard

Become a Child Of Mary

We are well aware Our Lady is constantly working and spreading her graces as we travel to homes with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. On a recent visit in south Texas, we were surprised to see Our Lady’s visit to one household as the culmination of a beautiful story of grace, nine months in the making.

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