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My Dear America Needs Fatima Friends,

As you have seen, HBO’s Mr. Bill Maher has “made a career” out of attacking religion, with a special venom reserved for anything Catholic.

He claims he’s not an anti-Catholic bigot, but on his HBO show of August 11, 2017, he’s reported as defending himself with:

“I’m not anti-Catholic, I’m anti child-f***ing…”

And just a few more of his reported anti-Catholic, bigoted remarks:

  • “Jesus was f***ing Peter’s wife, but it was a scam. He was f***ing a lot of people’s wives—and this was your Christmas show.”
  • After a second miracle was confirmed enabling the cause of Pope John Paul II for canonization: “I’m sorry, for those believers out there, aren’t these ‘miracle’ tales kind of a tell that this religion is completely full of sh**?”
  • “New Rule, snorting your father isn’t crazy.” Then, he showed a picture of a Catholic priest giving Communion and said, “Eating your father, that’s crazy.”

HBO, his current employer, continues to tolerate this “free-speech” of anti-Catholic bigotry. This is NOT toleration. It’s more likely that HBO is abetting hatred against our Holy Faith.

Tell HBO: Bill Maher Must Go!