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  Join the Crusade to End Satanism in America!

   At Fatima, Our Lady asked us to pray the rosary; this is our weapon against Satan and all his followers.

   Please join this Rosary Crusade and say NO to Satan in America!

   No to Satan in the public square, NO to Satan in our Schools, NO to Satan in our city councils, NO to Satan anywhere in America.

Be gone Satan. You don’t belong in America.
America belongs to God & His Holy Mother.

   Whether you commit to one rosary a day, week or a month—your prayers will be added to those of many other Catholics across the country.

  Once you make your pledge, I invite you to bookmark this page and return to it often to watch the prayer numbers grow. Your heart will be lifted as you see us get closer to our new goal of 10 MILLION rosaries with each passing day!

  Together, with Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, and in this Fatima Centennial we can drive Satan out of America and make her one Nation under God again.

   During this Fatima Centennial (1917-2017), your Rosaries for the defeat of Satanism will also be offered up for the conversion of sinners as part of the worldwide Fatima Centennial Prayer Crusade of Reparation.

Total Rosaries Pledged: 6,301,581

Total Pledged: 6,301,581

Goal: 3,000,000

New Goal: 10,000,000