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The online video sharing site YouTube allows videos of brutal attacks on the Holy Eucharist.


   Perhaps the worst is: How To Desecrate the Host 1: Butane Torch

  • 14 seconds in, it assures the viewer:

“Real host acquired from a Catholic Church”

   It shows a host being held in a needle-nose plier while an off-screen person lights a butane torch and thoroughly burns the host to a crisp.

   It was posted on YouTube by user name HostDesecrator. Can such a name leave any doubt as to the author’s intentions? I think not.

   Is this not pure malice…silent, brutal, and straight-to-the-point?

   Please Tell YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki To Take Down These Videos



My Petition Message To:

Susan Wojcicki; CEO, YouTube

   Please enforce your hate speech policy and remove from your site HostDesecrator’s videos showing intentional desecration of hosts of the Holy Eucharist.

   These videos quite clearly violate YouTube hate policy by “inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes, such as: …religion.”

   YouTube should not be a platform for bigotry of any kind, against Catholics or otherwise.

Goal: 80,000