Winning the heart and soul of America

America Needs Fatima (ANF) is a special campaign to spread the message of Fatima in the United States. The goal of America Needs Fatima is to win the heart and soul of America for Mary by spreading Our Lady’s Fatima message and promoting devotion to Her Immaculate Heart.

America urgently needs the prophetic messages of Our Lady at Fatima. Above all, America needs a clear direction, a great purpose, and the means to achieve it. The admonitions, requests, and warnings of Mary Most Holy can rightly be called a heaven-sent survival manual.

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Our Lady of Las Lajas: A Continuous Miracle

The history, story and spectacular miracle behind the image of Our Lady of Las Lajas in Latin America.


A Muslim’s Remarkable Conversion to Catholicism

The fascinating autobiography of Muhammad Moussaoui, who narrates his conversion from Islam to Catholicism.


Modesty of Dress and Love of God

Points on how modesty of dress shows our love for God. Clothes that do not show a person’s self-respect, contributes to a large extent to the present destruction of the family.


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From Diversity to Discontent

Why Businesses Are Fleeing DEI - For years, the woke establishment has championed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives as essential frameworks for workplaces.

From Science Fiction to Reality

China Expands the Role of AI in its Military - Communist China’s military development of AI/Machine Learning (AI/ML) is especially menacing and will jeopardize the future of the West.

Is Cancel Culture Being Canceled?

Cancel culture, once a dominant force on social media and public discourse, is now showing serious signs of wear. Cancel culture serves as a tool to aid in the destruction of “oppressive” structures like the family, Christian traditions and the free market.

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ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2024

INSIDE: Three Ways to Practice Your Faith in Business • The Importance of Setting a Good Example • Keeping Grandchildren Away from Grandparents • The True Meaning of Easter


True Devotion to Mary

Saint Louis de Montfort, undoubtedly one of the greatest apostles of the devotion to Mary, preached that the best way to go to Jesus is through Mary.

Miracle: “Hail Mary” Saves a Student from Hell

FREE Meet the Witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun

This is the most gripping account ever written about the Fatima miracle of the sun.

This book about the Miracle of the Sun offers the events of October 13, 1917 with the freshness of a news report based on personal stories of people who actually saw the Fatima miracle.

This is not a book on theology. Neither is it a romance. But it holds your attention like a novel.

We guarantee that once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down.


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Communication of the Spirit of Mary

St. Louis de Montfort's reflections on the reign of the Blessed Virgin in the hearts of men.

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The Importance of Chastity

In the midst of today’s moral decay, the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church presents Saint Maria Goretti as a model in the fight against immorality.

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A Fire in My Chest: Saint Jacinta Marto

As we remember the birth of St. Jacinta Marto on March 11, 1910, we take a glimpse into the personality and spirituality of the youngest Fatima ever.