Advent: Learning to Wait

There are times in life, that the quality of the goal requires waiting. Sometimes, if we reach a precious goal too quickly, we tend to undervalue it.

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Winning the heart and soul of America

America Needs Fatima (ANF) is a special campaign to spread the message of Fatima in the United States. The goal of America Needs Fatima is to win the heart and soul of America for Mary by spreading Our Lady’s Fatima message and promoting devotion to Her Immaculate Heart.

America urgently needs the prophetic messages of Our Lady at Fatima. Above all, America needs a clear direction, a great purpose, and the means to achieve it. The admonitions, requests, and warnings of Mary Most Holy can rightly be called a heaven-sent survival manual.

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The Story of Salvation...

What do poinsettias and Nativity scenes share in common? Well, Christmas, obviously. But there is much more to this connection.


The Fires of the Coming

The evening of December 9 is that of the “Coming,” when we remember the miraculous Translation by angels of the three intact walls of the Holy House of Nazareth to Loreto hill.


Saint Thomas Becket

December 29: Saint Thomas Becket was a holy bishop who defended the rights of the Church against the King of England. For this he gave his life.

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ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2023

INSIDE: True Devotion: A Trilogy • The Alphabet of Gratitude • The Harpist in Orlando’s Airport • Why Do Liberals Rage When Children’s Innocence Is Defended? • Seven Sublime Ways to Make Christmas Merry Again


Fatima: A Message More Urgent Than Ever

This book provides a powerful account of the wonderful events at Fatima, and the intriguing and subsequent messages to Sister Lucy.

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Stopping for Christmas...

It is December 25, and the world stops for a brief moment. It can only be a short pause on Christmas day because there are too many “important” things to be done, places to go and people to see.

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Protectress of the Unborn–Our Lady of Guadalupe

The brief story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and why she is known as the Protectress of the unborn.

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St. Francis & the First Nativity Scene

We owe St. Francis of Assisi a debt of gratitude for establishing the beautiful custom of setting up mangers to commemorate the birth of Our Lord.