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By Vincent Gorre

The US Supreme Court’s January 22, 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is one of the most consequential court decisions in our nation’s history—a decision that paved the way to legalized abortion on demand. Since then, every year on or around its anniversary, courageous Americans of all ages and from all walks of life gather in Washington, DC to hold a peaceful demonstration of protest, prayer and witness in defense of the sanctity of human life. Year after year, pro-life Americans persist in their efforts, hoping to turn the tide of public opinion to right the wrong that has, so far, caused the deaths of an estimated 55 million unborn children.  


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Encouraging Signs

This year, as hundreds of thousands march on Constitution Avenue towards the Supreme Court building, there are signs of hope. Significant gains have been noted on many fronts that the pro-life movement can proudly claim credit for. The latest Gallup poll results revealed that more Americans now call themselves “pro-life” (50%) than “pro-choice” (41%). In 1995 those polled were heavily “pro-choice” (56% to 33%). This reversal proves that persistence and dedication pay off. The latest poll also found that the majority of those who call themselves pro-life are younger than thirty-five years old—a hopeful sign for the country’s future. All across America, more and more states are enacting laws designed to curtail abortions by strictly regulating abortion clinics and providers resulting in a significant number of clinic closures and providers giving up their practices. But the most hopeful and significant sign is the steady decline in the actual number of abortions in the United States. The last statistical data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the abortion rate fell by 3% in 2010 from 2009, which in turn fell by 5% from 2008.

Dedication and Commitment

Pro-life Americans don’t just march in Washington, DC every year. Their dedication and commitment drive them to mobilize and form pregnancy resource centers that help mothers deal with unwanted pregnancies; they offer counseling to women who are planning abortions; they finance billboards that proclaim the pro-life message; they form student pro-life organizations on college campuses to promote their message to our youth; they pray in front of abortion clinics; and they elect pro-life candidates for public office. Recently, they have been organizing marches, much like the Washington, DC March for Life, all across the country and have inspired others around the world.

A Grand Presence Each Year

As the American TFP Band plays familiar patriotic hymns and the big red standards are prominently displayed, marchers cannot miss TFP’s participation every year. A copy of Our Lady of Fatima’s Pilgrim Virgin Statue is often carried by TFP members in their ceremonial habits, lending an atmosphere of reverence and seriousness to the occasion. TFP members in their familiar red capes can be seen in the crowd handing out fliers that contain TFP’s annual March for Life message.

Purity—a Key Element in an Abortion-free Society  

St. Joan of Arc Culture of Purity  

Flyers given to the crowd for a free
St. Joan of Arc  "Culture of Purity" package

There are many ways to solve the abortion problem. In 2014, America Needs Fatima and American TFP’s March for Life Statement promoted the practice of the virtue of purity. Drawing from the inspiration of Saint Joan of Arc as the patroness for the culture of purity, ANF and American TFP introduced to the youth a perfect role model. A young maiden, dynamic and beautiful, Saint Joan of Arc was also a saint and a victorious commander of armies, as well as the savior of France. Her life of spotless purity could inspire a whole generation of young Americans to gain more lasting pro-life victories to come. 




TFP Band and OLOF Statue




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Quote of the day

DAILY QUOTE for September 21, 2020

The effect of our sharing in the body and blood of Christ is...

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September 21


The effect of our sharing in
the body and blood of Christ
is to change us
into what we receive.

Pope St. Leo the Great

My Mother, I will stand with you on OCTOBER 10, 2020

Saint of the day


St. Matthew the Evangelist

Matthew was a Jew who worked as a tax collector for the Roma...

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St. Matthew the Evangelist

Before his conversion, Matthew was a Jew who worked as a tax collector for the Romans. It was while Matthew was working at a tax collector’s bench in the custom house of Capernaum that Jesus passing by called him saying, “Follow me.” In his own account of himself, the Evangelist writes, “And he rose up and followed him.”
Jewish tax collectors were generally hated by their fellow Jews, and were considered sinners by the Pharisees. When they discovered Jesus’ choice of followers, they were scandalized, and questioned Him. “I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners” (Matt. 9:12b-13), Jesus said to them.

After the death and resurrection of Our Lord, Matthew went on to evangelize and authored the first Gospel. It is uncertain whether he died a natural death or as a martyr.

Weekly Story


“What is that?” Asked a curious voice as America Needs F...

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The Power of a Picture

“What is that?” Asked a curious voice as America Needs Fatima custodian Jose Ferraz stepped into the hotel elevator in Altamonte Springs, Florida. “This is the Pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima,” replied Mr. Ferraz, “I take Her to visit people in their homes to spread the Fatima message.” He then handed the woman, who was a maid at the hotel, America Needs Fatima’s most popular picture. “This is a picture of Her.” The woman gasped. “I know that picture! It inspired a conversion.” She then asked excitedly, “Do you have a minute to hear the story?” 

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As Mr. Ferraz listened, he learned that the woman, Maria Vegra, had a 22-year old son who had recently passed away after three weeks in the hospital due to a fatal injury received in a car accident. While in the hospital, a priest would visit him every day to administer Holy Communion. The priest consistently offered the sacrament to the neighboring patient of Maria’s son, another young man who was also in critical condition. The young man would say, “No. I don’t believe in God.” But the priest continued to offer salvation. “Let me hear your confession and give you Holy Communion and Last Rights,” the priest said, “it will save your soul and get you to heaven.” Time after time, the young man stubbornly refused.

During the weeks of hospitalization and fruitless medical treatments, Maria had taken her son a picture of Our Lady of Fatima a friend had given her from an America Needs Fatima mailing.

She knew Our Lady’s watchful gaze would give her son peace in his last days. The day after she placed Our Lady’s picture at the foot of her son’s bed, she heard the voice of his stubborn neighbor: “please,” he said, “bring the picture closer to me. I want to look at the Lady.” 

Surprised but willing, Maria placed the picture in the middle of the two suffering men. 

After three days of letting the nearby picture of Our Lady touch his heart as he gazed into Her eyes, the suffering patient relented. “Please,” he called out, “bring me the priest. I want to receive the sacraments.”

A few days later, the young man died a Catholic. With a simple picture of Our Lady of Fatima, God touched a heart and saved a soul. 

 By Catherine Ferdinand

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In his book, The Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort...

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The Rosary, the Devil and the Queen

In his book, The Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort relates that Blessed Thomas of St. John was a great devotee of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As such, he was known for his powerful, moving sermons on the Rosary, which led people to adopt this devotion to their great benefit.

Furiously jealous of the holy man’s success with souls, the devil began to so torture Thomas that he fell sick, and was so ill for so long that the doctors gave up on saving his life.

One night, when the poor man thought he was near death, the devil appeared to him in a hideous form, coward that he is, seeking to frighten Thomas into despair.

But, making an effort, the good priest turned to a beautiful picture of Our Lady near his bed crying out with all his heart and strength:

“Help me, save me, my sweet, sweet Mother!”

No sooner had he pronounced these words, the picture came alive and extending her hand, the heavenly Lady laid it reassuringly on the priest’s arm, saying:

“Do not be afraid, Thomas my son, here I am and I am going to save you. Get up now and go on preaching my Rosary as you did before. I promise to shield and protect you from your enemies.”

No sooner had Our Lady pronounced these words, than the devil fled in a hurry. Getting up, Thomas found that he was perfectly healed. 

Thanking the Blessed Mother with tears of joy, Blessed Thomas again went about preaching the Holy Rosary, now with renewed favor and gumption, and his apostolate and his sermons were enormously successful. 

St. Louis the Montfort concludes this story saying, “Our lady not only blesses those who say her Rosary, but also abundantly rewards those who, by their example, inspire others to say it as well.”



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In his book, The Secret of the Rosary, St. Louis de Montfort relates that Blessed Thomas of St. John was a great devotee of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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