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By William Gossett

We may be living in an age where real Faith is lacking and even vanishing, but the torch of fidelity and love of God could not be ignored by anyone visiting the Metropolitan Museum in New York City this past Saturday, June 9th, 2018.

More than 600 good souls gathered for a rally of protest and reparation in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue to oppose and make reparation for an exhibition entitled “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” which opened in early May.

The New York City protest event was organized by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima Campaign.

The highly offensive exhibition features sacred symbols and objects like crosses and rosaries adorning immodest fashions. There were also caricatures of sacred vestments such as bishop’s robes made into evening gowns. These and other displays have caused scandal and outrage among many Catholics who see the exhibition as a mockery of all things Catholic.

The offense was made worse by the cooperation of Vatican officials who lent over fifty sacred vestments and objects to be displayed in a gallery as part of the exhibition.

The rally coincided with the memorial feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Catholics from all over New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states assembled in front of the stately museum where they chanted Marian hymns and prayed the rosary to oppose the blasphemous display that was being allowed inside. As the rosary went on, some onlookers came up to ask what was happening. Others perceived and shouted profanities. Many were sympathetic and ended up joining the rosary.

The rally of reparation took up roughly a block in front of the museum with banners and signs. Two of these read: “Lay Catholics offer reparation for the sacrilegious Met ‘Heavenly Bodies’ exhibit,” and “Cardinal Dolan: Mixing sin and sanctity is a sacrilege.” The hymns were sung to the accompaniment of bagpipes and drums.

New York City’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan attended the May 10th Met Gala opening night of the Heavenly Bodies exhibition, which featured shockingly immodest and religiously themed fashions worn by celebrities, popular singers and public figures. Many Catholics were offended by the event.

ANF Volunteer William Siebenmorgan said, “We are the Church Militant. As Catholics we are obliged to fight and defend the Church whenever and wherever She is under attack. That is why we are here. To console Our Lord and His Mother and to tell the Metropolitan Museum that this exhibition is intolerable and unacceptable.”

We thank all the participants at the Rally of Reparation and all of the donors
who generously made this rally a great success! 
May Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the blessed Virgin Mary,
bless you and reward you now and always.







DAILY QUOTE for February 24, 2019

God wishes to be served to the last breath, to the exhaustio...

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February 24

God wishes to be served
to the last breath, to the exhaustion of the last drop of strength,
and He multiplies our capacities for suffering and doing
so that our dedication may reach the extreme limit
of the unforeseeable, the improbable, the miraculous.
The measure of the love of God is
to love Him without measure, said Saint Francis de Sales.
The measure of fighting for God consists
in fighting without measure, it may be said.

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

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St. Praetextatus

Fredegund, mistress of King Chilperic, a murderous woman res...

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St. Praetextatus

Praetextatus became the bishop of Rouen, France, in 549. The thirty-five years during which he occupied the position of bishop were riddled with troubles involving the Frankish monarchy, a result of which was a time of exile for the saint.
Among the players of this political drama was Fredegund, mistress of King Chilperic, a murderous woman responsible for several deaths in the royal family. Fredegund despised Praetextatus and opposed his return from exile, but a council in Rouen overruled her interference and reinstated the holy bishop to his see.

“The time is coming when you shall revisit the place of your exile.” She threatened the saint shortly before his death. “I was a bishop always, whether in exile or out of exile, and a bishop I shall remain; but as for you, you shall not always enjoy your crown.” He said, as he urged the queen to convert.

The wicked queen refused to reform her life, and in 586 as Praetextatus was offering Holy Mass, Fredegund had an assassin stab him under the arm. The mortally wounded bishop managed to drag himself to the altar and receive Holy Communion before he died.


Holding Hands with The “Gate of Heaven”

Of all the invocations to our Lady, Gate of Heaven is one of...

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Holding Hands with The “Gate of Heaven”

Of all the invocations to our Lady, Gate of Heaven is one of the most beautiful. This title gained a new meaning for me when I arrived for a Fatima home visit at the house of Dominique McGuire and found her in tears. Her mother, Marie Jeannine Michel, a native from Haiti, had suffered a massive heart attack the day before and was now dying.

I was more than happy to take the statue to visit her at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was painfully clear, when we arrived in the Intensive Care Unit, that this poor soul was reaching the end.

Over the next couple of hours we prayed numerous rosaries, litanies and the prayers for the dying by her bedside. We also struggled to provide the dying women with all the spiritual assistance we could.

As we prayed, the attending nurse, who happened to be Catholic, kept calling local Churches to find a priest who would administer last rites. Whenever she entered the room to care for Mrs. Michel she would join in the responses to the Hail Mary. Overwhelmed by the scene, she exclaimed, “I hope when I am dying someone will bring the statue to visit me and pray the rosary.”

Moments before the priest arrived, Dominique asked me if I had an extra scapular for her mother. I did not. As the priest administered the last rites I scurried from the room in search of this precious sacramental, only to find I was the only person wearing one. Mrs. Michel was in much more need of it than me, so with the help of a doctor we temporarily removed her oxygen mask and placed my scapular around the dying woman’s neck. Dominique then took her Miraculous Medal and pinned it on to the scapular.

The most moving part of this visit occurred when Mrs. Michel opened her eyes and showed signs she wanted to speak. When they removed the oxygen mask, Dominique told her mother, in their native tongue, that “Momma Mary” was in the room.

Since Mrs. Michel seemed to be already looking into eternity, with a type of “fog of death” in her gaze, I carried the statue over next to her bed. Surprisingly she reached up and took hold of our Lady’s hands and held on for some moments. The oxygen mask was then replaced as the nurse administered morphine to deaden the pain she was experiencing.

Mrs. Michel died at 6:00 AM the following morning with Dominique praying beside her bed.

While the America Needs Fatima home visitation program is a very rewarding apostolate, nothing on earth compares to the satisfaction of a visit like this. A person going through such a moving ordeal, however, could naturally ask, “Was there something more we could have done?”

In the case of Mrs. Michel, the answer is a resounding no. She received the last rites of Holy Mother Church, was clothed in the brown Scapular, and was almost continuously surrounded by the melodious sound of the Angelic Salutation.

Hours before she passed into eternity, Mrs. Michel also had the grace to hold hands with She who truly is the Gate of Heaven.

By: Norman Fulkerson

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Of all the invocations to our Lady, Gate of Heaven is one of the most beautiful. This title had a new meaning for me when I arrived for a Fatima home visit at the house of Dominique McGuire and found her in tears.

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