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Rally Captains Needed to Lead a Public Rosary for God’s Marriage

The traditional family and the very notion of God’s marriage as the union of one man and one woman is being confused, attacked and undermined.

America Needs Fatima is spiritually fighting back by organizing rosary rallies each year in March.

Our goal is to ask God and the Blessed Mother to strengthen and save our families.

Thank you to all those who became Rally Captain's in 2015 and led a public rosary for God’s marriage in your town.

To read results, comments and see pictures of Traditional Marriage Campaign Rosary Rallies across America, Read: 2125 Rosary Rallies in defense of Traditional Marriage




To become a Rally Captain in defense of Traditional Marriage or for more information Contact:


Mr. Francis Slobodnik

 Rosary Rally Central office - (866) 584-6012.