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Dear Friend of Mary,

   It is simply outrageous and shocking beyond belief that the Holy Mother of God is subject again to the intolerable blasphemies of the play The Testament of Mary. 

   The devil never gives up in his raging blasphemies against the meek, humble, and most pure Virgin who will crush his head.

   We ask you to join us again as this blasphemous play is scheduled to be shown by The Mamai Theatre Company in Cleveland, Ohio, with blasphemies against Mary, such as:

  1. Possibly stripping most pure Mary completely naked on stage, as was done in NYC on Broadway in 2014.
  2. Denying Jesus to be the Son of God.
  3. Saying “I am not one of his followers.”
  4. Calling the apostles “a group of misfits.” Not one of them “normal.”
  5. Fleeing the Crucifixion, saying: “It was my own safety I thought of; it was to protect myself.”


   We will steadfastly oppose this outrage, and ask that you join us.



Protest Message to:

The Mamai Theatre Company

   Whereas: Mary was the most pure and faithful disciple of her divine Son;

   Whereas: The Mother of God is deeply insulted by the blasphemies in The TESTAMENT of Mary;

   Whereas: Every Catholic and God-fearing American is disturbed by such blatant insensitivity to God and His Holy Mother;

   Whereas: The TESTAMENT of Mary is scheduled to be shown by The Mamai Theatre Company;


   With all my heart, I respectfully urge you to cancel this production.


Goal: 35,000