ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2020

INSIDE: Why the “Black Lives Matter” Movement Is Wrong and Can Destroy America • The Struggle Against the Power of Darkness • “Twilight” of the Sun of Justice

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2020

INSIDE: Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: A Tribute on the 25th Anniversary of His Death • Is the Coronavirus a Chastisement? • A Past Full of Blessings • Christ the Redeemer

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2020

INSIDE: Our Lady of Good Help and the Peshtigo Fire Miracle • Give Your Child the Gift of Devotion to Mary • The Coronavirus Is a Call to Return to God • The Legend of the Locket

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2020

INSIDE: Remaining Faithful During the Current Crisis in the Church • Teaching Children to Conquer Human Respect • The Sword of Saint Michael • Our Lady’s Youngest Custodian

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2020

INSIDE: Making the Case for America's Return to Order • Adulting—It Can Be Done! • Can History Cast Doubt on the Evidence of Global Warming? • Longing for the Father’s House

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2020

INSIDE: Our Lady of the Grand Return: A Story of Hope for Our Times • Can the Mad and Lonely Shooter Be Stopped? • Saintly Role Models • Cristo de la Vega: An Ancient Tale