Major Retailer Sells IMPURE Nun & Priest HALLOWEEN COSTUMES

October 20, 2020


Our last petitions asking Amazon to stop offering these extremely offensive, mind-in-the-gutter costumes resulted in them eliminating the promo-text that accompanied the unprintable photos of the models in the actual costumes. So let’s keep the pressure on.

The ‘Keep Up the Faith’ costume portrays a priest in an evident state of sexual excitement. Here’s the promo-text they eliminated:

  • “Costume includes black cassock with white collar, and hand held pump to get the father excited.” [emphasis added]

And the ‘Thank You, Father!’ pregnant nun costume.

Here’s the promo-text they eliminated:

• “Hey! You never know, it could be the second immaculate conception! This Pregnant Nun Costume will get others’ attention because it is not every day that you see a nun that is nine months pregnant walking down the street…Pair this costume with a priest, Jesus, or pope costume for a head-turning duo! [emphasis added]

These are terrible insults to Jesus and Mary, the Immaculate Conception – some of the most insidious that I have ever seen or heard!

Let’s keep the pressure ON!

Urge Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to

“Take Down These Pages!”